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About the Astracore Biobanking System


The Astracore Biobanking System can be used for a variety of purposes such as managing biological samples (specimens), research or anywhere a hierarchical transaction based storage management and analysis system is required.

The biobank can be any kind of repository or bio-repository that requires storing, tracking and management of samples of any kind, whether low temperature or ambient. Storage medium may be of any type including physical or virtual samples.


Participant personal information can be stored as either fully identified, as a pseudonym or de-identified. Access can be restricted to select users via security profiles.


The system uses an intuitive, hierarchical and normalised structure for managing storage at multiple levels. The levels are configurable via drag-n-drop.

Included is a 2D visualisation tool for viewing details which shows vacant and occupied positions of storage. The actual storage used can be local, remote, physical or virtual.


Comprehensive specimen tracking using barcodes or other unique identifiers for a variety of container structures, including histological blocks, slides and Tissue Micro Arrays (TMA).

All movements, edits and transactions are recorded.

Customer defined data can be recorded at all storage levels and for research projects, publications tracking and communications.


Astracore Biobanking System includes an Invoicing module to bill for services from a price book. Interfaces to external accounting systems for debtor and GL data can be provided, or tracked in the Astracore Accounting System.


Optional DNA Processing Module for DNA and RNA Quantification and Quality Assessment, with basic DNA sequencing and recording of DNA Primers.

Analysis and reporting of data is comprehensively available with charts, dashboards, filters, reports and listings, to name a few. Most are able to be created, maintained and executed by users however if something very complex is required, Astracore can provide customised views and reports. All reports, filter and list results can be printed, saved and/or downloaded for further analysis.

Multi Media Storage

The system is able to store electronic media such as documents, photos, images, audio and video, subject to data storage requirements.

More details are available in the Astracore Biobanking System White Paper, available above.

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Important Notices:
version: 1.0.304