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Astracore Portfolio Valuation System

Specific Features

  • Value multiple portfolios simultaneously
  • Multi-currency support
  • Cross holdings in other Portfolios supported
  • Any valuation frequency, regular and ad-hoc
  • Analysis of valuation change provided
  • Dynamic valuation parameters (datestamped fees, expenses, reserves etc)


Scalable secure cloud (Amazon) architecture. Secure offsite data storage and backup.


Astracore Systems are designed to be highly configurable by users with customization by astracore where needed.

Intuitive User Interface

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is consistent across all Astracore systems and within each part of the system.

The intuitive nature of the interface makes it easy to learn and once understood can be applied across the whole system

System features

Supports document, image, audio and video storage. Inbuilt invoicing, querying, reporting and printing. User model supports multiple users and multiple roles. Interfaces to external systems as required through file transfers or API. Service Level Agreement guarantees training and support.


System available now and is configurable to match a broad range of specifications. In addition we can customized rapidly to meet unique requirements. Runs in the cloud which means global accessibility and rapid deployment with reduced total cost of ownership.

Your Disaster Recovery needs are considered as part of the implementation.

Support for offline mobile devices if required

Double Data Entry

The system is Double Data Entry enabled and has detailed exception reporting. This includes an option to lock records once they have been matched, to prevent any further changes.

Access Control and Audit

Access is controlled via multi-level security profiles and contains full audit trails of changes.

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and reporting of data is comprehensively available with filters, charts, dashboards, reports and listings. Each of these can be created, maintained and executed by users with assistance from Astracore where required.

More details are available in the System White Paper, available above.

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Important Notices:
version: 1.0.304